The Fine Choice

Our Specialty Dishes

Double Meat Polastro

Chicken pizza topped with sausage, salami, grilled chicken, veggies, olives, and double cheese.

Sizzling Brownies

A scoop of vanilla icecream topped with cornflakes, nuts & chocolate sauce with a brownie served on fire!

Chicken Florentine

Stuffed chicken breast with spinach & capsicum with feta cheese served with mash and veggies

Ultra Red Velvet Cake

Rich, creamy, red-hued cake made of cocoa powder and vinegar.

Fillet Mignon

Grilled buffalo tenderloin served with pepper sauce, veggies, garlic bread & mashed potatoes

Kings Bridge Club

Four layer sandwich with juicy chicken patty assembled with cheese & egg.

Chicken Cafreal

Marinated chicken leg grilled goan style with green masala served with potato wedges and salad.

Popoeyes Truck

Grilled chicken breast loaded with cheese, egg, sausage and salami. ``DONT MISS/ MUST TRY``

Blue Amore

An intensely alluring herbal infusion crafted from real flowers, this exotic drink is perfect for your pause moments.


Savor the sip of perfection! A cappuccino is a blend of bold espresso, creamy steamed milk, and frothed foam.

Bruschetta Bread

Toasted garlic bread topped with diced Chicken/Veg.

Oceans 11

Grilled prawns and sausage covered with creamy hot garlic sauce.

About Us

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We are a contemporary Italian café located in the heart of Kochi, serving premium food with a modern twist. Widely recognized for our passion and dedication to the craft, our culinary excellence can be tasted in every dish we create. Our menus include an array of pizza, pasta, sandwiches and more - all made using fresh ingredients daily. Our steaks are cooked to perfection and our desserts are delectable as well.

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